You, Will, Step in Shit

Whether you’re the Queen of England or Jeff Bezos, you will step in shit. 100% of people step in it. The difference between the successful and unsuccessful people in our world is how they respond in these situations. Do you complain whenever something happens to you? Or do you laugh it off and move on with your life?

The choice is yours and yours alone, when you step in shit, you can react by saying something like,

“Ughhhh these are my new shoes!”

“These things ALWAYS happen to me!”

           My favorite is,

Why don’t people pick up after their dogs!?!?”

The answer is simple, nobody cares about you as much as you.

And honestly, when it comes down to it all of the most successful people in the world stepped in shit. A lot of it! So, does that mean in order to be successful that you need to look for problems? No.

What it comes down to is when something doesn’t go your way that you laugh rather than cry. Because you’re still able to scrape off your shoes and keep on moving. That’s the beauty about problems, there are always solutions. That’s why it’s important to learn to love how to fail eloquently.

In sports, it’s called Sportsmanship. In life, some call it “rolling with the punches.”

This is going to be the difference between your achieving your goals and dreams versus becoming a bad finder in everything that happens that isn’t on your calendar.

Life is a journey and during this adventure, there are going to be lots of times where things don’t go according to plan. The best part is that nobody will know things aren’t going according to plan unless you tell them! This is what will convey confidence to your peers and where people sense confidence, in turn, you will convey a successful demeanor.

If you’re not exploring the world and just staying inside your home, the chances that you step in shit is basically 0% (unless your dog leaves you a surprise). Also, your chances to create new experiences is also, 0%. What I’m getting at is stepping in shit is a good thing!

Without stepping in shit, you’re not taking any risks!

If you’re not taking any risks, then you’re limiting your potential! We can all agree that nobody likes stepping in shit. But if you’re not willing to step in it then you will never unleash the best version of yourself.

Your Guide,

Joshua Krafchick, “The Unconventional Money Guy”

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