Why Do People Hate Me? |You’re on the Right Track

Why do people hate me? Why are people mean? Well, it could be for a variety of reasons, maybe they are unhappy with themselves, they could be going through a tough time, or perhaps they are envious of your accomplishments.

Whenever you are faced with a negative person, you cannot let them pull you into their trap!

Happiness is the key to success and when faced with a difficult situation, you have to essentially “kill them with kindness.”

In the midst of a negative situation, you have a choice on how to handle it. The first choice is that you acknowledge it, but giving attention to something that isn’t providing you happiness is going to slowly start to take a toll on your well-being.

The other choice is to not even acknowledge the negativity!

Don’t fall for the trap of letting a gloomy person or experience bring you down to a dark place. Happiness will help you obtain your goals faster and by surrounding yourself with negativity will not help. Life is hard enough as it is, you should not be walking around carrying around extra baggage you do not deserve!

Do the best you can to see the good in every situation, no matter how bad it may seem. You will start to find yourself surrounded by positive energy, positive people, and in time you will begin to see positive results!

Happy Slacking,

Joshua Krafchick, AKA “CHACHI”

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