When Adversity Hits You in the Face | Are You Joker or Batman?

At some point in your life, adversity will hit you in the face! While you’re growing up in the school system, life is simple. Go to school, pass your classes, and you’re promoted to the next level. Unfortunately, what you spend learning during the first part of your life isn’t preparing you for your future. The only constant in your life will be overcoming adversity with small wins along the way.

It sucks being brought up in a system that sets us up to be disappointed by the time we hit the young age of 22 and still have the lion’s share of our life ahead of us. A lot of us will delay adulthood by continuing our education, but that hinders us to gain “experience.” Some of us will go into the workplace ready to start a new chapter, we gain experience, yet our workplace environment slowly drains us of our positive aura.


When adversity hits you in the face, are you Joker or Batman?

If you decide to become the Joker, then you’re turning into someone who is a complainer, always sees a problem, but never a solution.

“No matter what I do, I can’t lose weight.”

“Bad things always happen to me.”

“I’ll try better next time.”


On the other hand, if you become Batman, then you’re someone who brings positivity into any situation and there are never problems, only solutions.

I’m changing my lifestyle, it takes time to see results.”

“Every challenge that comes my way, I’ll learn from it.”

“I will do better next time.”


Accept the challenge.

Ask for Help.

Remain calm.

Be Batman.

Happy Slacking,

Joshua Krafchick, AKA “CHACHI”

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