What is ClubHouse???

Clubhouse is a new app where people from around the world come together to chat, learn, and collaborate in real time. The idea is phenomenal, unlike other social media platforms where algorithms determine what consent you see, Clubhouse allows you to hear directly from the people. I’ve seen chatrooms that have been anywhere from “Tattoos in the Workplace” to Elon Musk participating in an online chat.

Obviously, the concept is cool, but Clubhouse has its downsides as well.

From what I’ve experienced from the app is there a lot of charlatans utilizing the platform. Remember social media has a fantastic way to build a brand, meet people from around the world, and its overall premise is positive.

On the flip side, anyone can create a persona on social media that isn’t reflective of what their accomplishments are in the “real world.” Just because someone has 50,000 followers on Instagram, doesn’t make them successful. There are plenty of multimillionaires that I’ve met that barely have any social media presence at all. Why is that? They’re busy working!

If you look at any successful person’s career, a majority of names that you know didn’t gain notoriety through social media. You’re going to have a select few, most recently Daniel Mac whom you see all over TikTok with his “What do you do for a living” video campaign. Super happy that his videos are going viral, but it’s important to remember that every viral video has a shelf life. So, it’s paramount to your success to build a reputation or brand that is going to adapt over time.

On Clubhouse if you’re looking to participate in rooms,

you’re going to have to find rooms that have 10-20 people max. One time I was participating in an investing room and was attempting to give advice to one of the listeners. However, I was shot down by the moderators that only moderators are able to answer or ask questions.

This is definitely not how the app was supposed to be used. Clubhouse is supposed to allow people to come together, share ideas, and network. Not just allow people to put themselves into an ivory tower just to increase their social media following. Despite people attempting to gain “CLOUT” and keep others from sharing knowledge with fellow listeners.

So, what should you expect from Clubhouse? Well, if you’d like to listen, rather than participate, the larger rooms can be very enlightening, especially if you’re in the car for a long time. If you’re looking to share knowledge rather than consume it, the smaller rooms will help you spread the wealth with strangers from across the globe.

Overall, Clubhouse is shaking up the social scene, especially since you need to be “Invited” to join the community. But, the key things to remember are to never judge someone based on their social media presence and to not just take, but also give back to the world.

Your Guide,

Joshua Krafchick, aka “Unconventional Money Guy”

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