Visualize Your Future

Visualizing and looking at yourself in the mirror, what do you see? Are you focusing on the small imperfections all humans have? Do you look at the big picture and say to yourself,

“I’m awesome, I’m fun, I’m happy, I’m attractive, I’m loved?”

There is a saying that goes something like this,

“If you are living in the past you are depressed, if you are living in the future you are anxious, if you are at peace, you are living in the present”

We believe what we want to believe, whether it is negative or positive. It may be difficult to wrap your head around, but when you wake up in the morning and you look in the mirror, you have a choice…

Do you want to be the person who is moping around? Or, do you want to be the person people love being around?

I was digging around in my garage this weekend and stumbled across something I wrote when I was 10 years old. The subject was this: Where do you see yourself in 20 years? How will the future be different?

Well, I still have a couple of years left, but this is what I wrote (remember this is 10-year-old):

“In the year 2020, I will be 30 years old. I hope to be a non-yelling man and want to have the best job possible. I probably will have a beard and my face will change, but I can shave. Every student will have his or her own computer. Also, you will have books delivered right to your computer. Teachers will be replaced by computers and for you to submit your homework, all you have to do is hit enter.”

Fast forward 18 years later…I have a beard, we all have computers, and I do the best I can to not lose my temper. Despite not looking at this material since I originally wrote it, this goes to show that the energy you put out now, will follow you for years to come.

So…the choice is yours, visualize who you want to be, believe you can become that person, and don’t let anyone’s negativity or criticism stop you from chasing your dreams!

Happy Slacking,

Joshua Krafchick, AKA “CHACHI”

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