Trash Your Business Cards | LinkedIn Has Taken Over

There’s nothing more exciting than creating your first business card and being able to sling it to anyone who asks for it. However, since I left corporate America in 2017, I’ve handed out 100s of business cards. Nobody has called. I’m still waiting…

This is telling me that it’s time to trash your business cards because LinkedIn has taken over! LinkedIn allows someone to view more than just your contact information than a business card. It gives a person the opportunity to see for themselves whether or not you’re a trustworthy individual.

Here are a few ideas on how to expand your network via LinkedIn:

1.    Set a Daily Goal to Connect.

Spending 5-10 minutes each day will open up your world to new connections. Just sending an invitation to 15 people per day equals 5475 connections by the end of the year. Remember, you’re always just one connection away, from having your whole life change in a positive way!

2.    Post Valuable & Original Content.

It’s tiresome watching the same content be recycled over and over again via social media. Be bold and start writing original content about your ideas (Or Videos). Over time, you’ll start to gain followers, followers turn into connections, and connections turn into opportunities.

3.     Invest in a Professional Picture.

There’s a fine line between a professional picture and a “glamour shot” picture. A “glamour shot” is something your parents made you do for your senior year pictures in high school. Leave those in the past…there’s nothing worse than seeing an adult man or woman posing like some sort of wannabe model.

Be yourself. Be professional. Then, you will start to attract the positive influences that can help you with your passions and career.

4.    Ask for a conversation, not a sales pitch.

 Once someone accepts your connection. Start a dialogue, a simple, “How are you doing today?” is a great way to start a conversation. Think about it, how many people ask how you’re doing each day? Not many.

It’s crazy how a little bit of kindness sprinkled with genuine intentions is the only way to approach strangers. We’re all tired of receiving the following messages via LinkedIn,

“Hey (insert name here) I wanted to connect with you because I can help you with (insert bullshit response here). Blah blah blah blah blah.

Looking forward to connecting,

Person who has no sense of what being a human is.”

Happy Slacking,


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