To Stay in Line, Check Your Spine

Have you gotten your teeth checked in the past couple years? I think most people agree that this is important. After all, your teeth allow you to break down food to be absorbed and give you your amazing smile!

Yet, how many of you have gotten your spine checked in the past couple years? I’m not surprised to learn that only about 12 percent of the population have seen a chiropractor in the last five years. Our spine is our fountain of youth and vitality as it houses our nervous system.

A well-functioning nervous system allows us to maintain optimal health.

In other words, our nervous system is the life force to every cell tissue and muscle within the body. To give a brief example, what would happen if you stopped watering your plants? Indeed, they would start to wither and would eventually perish.

The same is true for your thyroid, which is housed in the anterior cervical spine. If you’re always looking down at your smartphone, chances are you’ve lost the natural curve in your neck. With what has been coined “text neck”, we can see a reversal of that natural cervical curve and the compression of those nerves innervating our thyroid, which runs our energy metabolism. Thus, if you have low energy, it might not be due to just your diet or sleep-wake cycle. It might be a structural issue.

How can a Chiropractor help? As a Doctor of Chiropractic Licensed in Florida, I do an initial exam and consult to determine if you are a good candidate for Chiropractic care. If you are, I will give you a free consultation. This is my philosophy: to see is to know and not to know is to guess, and I never want to guess with your health.

Afterwards I will mark up the x-rays and make the appropriate measurements to see if you have the proper spinal curves and to also see where you may have any vertebral misalignments.

Throughout everyday life – through repetitive twisting, bending, turning, and repetitive motions, or from a lot of sitting or lifting heavy objects at work, bones can shift out of alignment, putting pressure on the nerves.

When that happens you might feel pain, but something you can’t always feel is organ dysfunction.

If you were to have a misalignment in the neck you may see neck pain, thyroid issues, chronic sinus infections, allergies, or even recurring strep throat. If you have a misalignment in the mid back, you may see high or low blood pressure, heart arrhythmia, chronic asthma or allergies causing breathing issues, or stomach issues such as acid reflux or GERD.

If you have a misalignment in the low back you could experience low back pain, hip pain, knee pain, or pain in the feet and toes. Maybe the pain has been there for a while and there is a numbness and tingling going down the legs. It’s important to understand that the nerves in the low back go to our vital organs such as reproductive organs and the bladder. If you suffer from chronic UTIs or Irritable Bowel Syndrome, your colon may be affected by misalignments in the lower back. As you can see, you can have a lot of dysfunction depending on where those misalignments are.

When it comes to our nervous system, we can only feel 10 percent of the nerves in our body.

ONLY 10 percent. Isn’t that crazy!? The other 90 percent are considered function nerves. Our heart beating and lungs breathing aren’t things that we feel or have to think about. They just happen automatically. And in our society today, we make health decisions based on HOW WE FEEL which only accounts for 10 percent of our nervous system!

This is why in our office, we take x-rays and do specific tests to see how your nervous system is functioning. Then we do a complete report of findings with you.

There are normally two barriers that prevent people from coming into the office. The first is money. We’ve all probably heard it can be expensive and insurance doesn’t always do a great job of covering services from a chiropractor. That’s why in our office we have a passion for making care as affordable as possible so that money isn’t a barrier to your health. The second thing that prevents people from coming in is time. We’re all guilty of saying “I just don’t have time”. But the truth is that we do have time if we are honest with ourselves.

We always make time for things we value, even if it doesn’t benefit us. I’ll give you an example; I have a tendency to get really caught up in Netflix series. I can watch hours on end if I let myself. I can tell myself I’m just resting and recharging. It would then seem that the greatest barrier to optimal health is procrastination. Procrastination is the biggest thief of health and wellness.

Below are a few questions that people frequently ask me:

Do you take insurance? Yes, we do.

How much is the initial exam and consult? Free! 

When is the first available appointment? It will take approximately 45 minutes and we are open Monday through Friday. 

Just like you want to have a nice smile, we want you to have an optimal functioning body going forward. Come get your spine checked at Amazing Spine Care; we would love to help you take the next steps in full body wellness.

Happy Slacking,


Yale Gordon Doctor of Chiropractic

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