The Secret to Building Muscle | No Supplements Required

There is a secret to building muscle and no supplements are required! 

I’m about to share with you one of the most powerful tools available that help with building muscle, losing fat, speeding up recovery, and increasing physical and mental performance. It’s not an exercise and it’s not a supplement. However, it does require some planning and persistence.


The magic answer: Sleep.

Yes, the simple act of doing absolutely nothing for an extended period of time. It’s glorious. Do it more.


I know I’m not the first person to tell you that sleep is important, but I’d like to help you better understand why. I made this infographic to highlight some key takeaways on sleep. For most adults, 7-9 hours of sleep each night is crucial. This number can vary from one person to the next.



Look, I know you’re probably used to functioning on less than the desired amount of sleep. My sleep schedule has not always been optimal and it takes time to dial in a routine that sets you up for sustainable success. Most of us think we can get by on suboptimal sleep. Heck, if the coffee is strong and the work needs to get done, most of us will sacrifice anything to get through a day. I used to live that way so I totally understand.


The problem is most people are walking around functioning with a physical and mental capacity that is MUCH LOWER than where it should be, due to lack of quality sleep. With enough coffee and drive, most people feel decent enough to get through a day, a month, even years like this.


MOST PEOPLE don’t even know how their body is SUPPOSED to feel. Do you?

I dare you to prioritize sleep. It won’t happen instantly, but when you start ditching the afternoon energy drink and limiting yourself to one Netflix episode each night instead of an entire season, you will begin reaping the rewards.


Happy Slacking,

Cody Thompson

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