The Benefits to Being Single | 4 Secrets Explained

There are many benefits to being single. Unfortunately, we live in a society that tells us it’s wrong to go to the movies alone or that something must be wrong if you’re at a restaurant by yourself.

We need to drop the negative connotations we have with being single and start loving this time of self-discovery. Being single is just being committed to yourself. These are the moments that you get to explore your passions rather than using your significant other’s passions as a crutch. Start representing what you love and be the one you love. This relationship with yourself will be the building blocks to a healthier, happier version of you. So here are some tips on how to be single and be awesome.

1. Explore the world!

Being single allows you to do whatever you want to do without having someone else hold you back. Maybe you’ve always wanted to backpack across Europe, but you know your ex’s old knee injury would have been too much of a hassle, so you never did. Not anymore. Being single means you only have to rely on yourself. This world is massive; go see it! Go explore!

2. Start a new hobby.

Throw away that old New England Patriots jersey and pick your own team! When we’re in relationships we get so caught up in doing what our significant other wants us to do, and putting all those things you’ve wanted to try on the back burner. You know for a fact your boyfriend wouldn’t be caught dead at Cycle Bar and you know your girlfriend would never enjoy a quick 18 holes in the Florida sun. Well, being single is the time to try these things. Go try that aerial yoga class or give improv comedy a shot! You will never know what you’re passionate about if you never try it.

3. Meet new people!

And I don’t mean only onBumble or Tinder. Network yourself! Go attend a local farmers market or check out the community classes at YMCA. We become so dependent on the people we already know that we never give ourselves the opportunities to meet new people. Personally, most of my friends were very close with my ex, and after the breakup I wanted nothing to do with him. But, because of our shared friends he was everywhere! Easy salutation – I started going out to meet new people and I made some of the best friends in my life! I met people who I got to travel to Europe with and who encouraged me to become a yoga teacher. Try writing down the top five people who inspire you the most. Now, go try to make friends with people who have similar aspirations and liveliness. Watch yourself grow!

4. Always love yourself.

Being single will give you the chance to be your true, authentic self. It doesn’t mean that anything is wrong with you! This is the best time for discovery. It gives you the chance to try new things, meet new people, and make mistakes. Then, when mistakes happen (because trust me, mistakes always happen) everything will be fine because you’ll already have someone who loves you, YOU. We must stop being so hard on ourselves. This culture we live in puts everything about us on a screen, which makes us feel that we must look, act, and be perceived in a specific way. The truth really comes from the way we perceive ourselves. Stop beating yourself up because that girl from Tinder didn’t text you back, or because the guy from the bar asked for your friend’s number instead of yours. Start treating yourself the way you would want your significant other to treat you, because remember, you’re in a committed relationship with yourself.

Happy Slacking,


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