Tax Secrets for Billionaires

Let’s dive into a game many of us know all too well – taxes. Yeah, I get it, talking taxes might not seem as sexy as crushing it in business, but bear with me because this is crucial knowledge, especially for entrepreneurs in the sports industry.


Let’s get straight to the hoop – owning a sports team isn’t just about cheering from the sidelines or strategizing on the court.

It’s also a smart play in the world of taxes. Case in point: former Microsoft honcho Steve Ballmer’s slam dunk move when he snagged the Los Angeles Clippers.


Here’s the insider scoop: the tax code is like the secret playbook for business owners, offering sweet deductions that can help balance the books.

And owning a sports team? It’s like having a golden ticket to a tax advantage wonderland.

So, what’s the magic formula here? It’s all about the write-offs, my friends. Even if the team isn’t posting a slam-dunk profit, owners can still cash in on deductions. I’m talking about depreciation – think of it like the playbook for writing off the team’s value over time. Crazy, right? Even as the team’s value goes up, owners can still claim these deductions. It’s like having your cake and eating it too!

Then there’s the playbook on operating expenses. Everything from player salaries to stadium maintenance can be chalked up as business expenses, cutting down taxable income like a pro.

Now, let’s talk fairness on the court of taxes.

It’s no secret that team owners often shoot lower tax rates compared to the athletes they employ or the hard-working stadium staff. We’re talking a tale where the billionaire owner pays less than the beer vendor in taxes. It might sound like a buzzer-beater unfairness, but it’s a reality of how the tax game plays out.

Sure, it might seem like a different ball game, but that’s just the way the tax laws bounce. Remember, it’s not just about what you make, but how you play the game. And here’s the crucial part: compliance. No matter how much you’re winning in deductions, you’ve got to play by the rules and pay what you owe – just like Ballmer emphasized.

So, entrepreneurs, as you hustle in your own arenas, remember that understanding the tax playbook can be a game-changer.

Learn the moves, leverage those deductions, and keep crushing it in your business game. And of course, pay those taxes, because that’s how we keep the game fair.


Your Guide,

Joshua Krafchick | 369 Financial

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