4 Skills To Teach Your Kids To Make Them Rich

Most parents would love for their kids to be rich. Well, at least wealthier than them. That’s the beauty of life, humans innately want their offspring to do better. As technology continues to improve, there are certain skills that are a giant separator between becoming a success and being a leader in your field.

Obviously, the education system is an outdated system that teaches kids subjects that are important, but like any system, it has its flaws! So, it’s vital to your children’s future that they pick up a few skills outside of the classroom!

Here are a few of the skills that will make your kids rich:

1. Typing.

Phones have killed this skill because texting is only completed with your thumbs. Being able to type effectively and layout original thoughts is a gamechanger. In this day of age in order to build a reputation to become a leader in the world, your kids MUST be able to share their message.

Being able to type and leave a digital footprint through words, not videos, is one of the best ways that your kids can start building up their followings at a young age.

Most people are using video blogs rather than just typing out their ideas into a written one. Although, writing a blog is now deemed “Old School” in order to be dynamic you have to be able to do it all!

2. Public Speaking.

Whether we’re on planet earth or the metaverse public speaking will ALWAYS be a high value activity. Think about it like this. Do you prefer to see your favorite music artist on YouTube or at a live concert?

People will continue to pay BIG money to hear people perform, speak, and present on a stage! So, you got to get your kids comfortable being in front of a large group of people.

Being a presenter is no different from being an entertainer. IF you’re able to confidently speak in front of a group of people, you will find your kids in a league of their own.

3. Graphic Design.

Social media AIN’T going anywhere! It’s here to stay, the platforms may change names and adapt over time. But, this isn’t going to change the way people consume information. IF your kids are able to design captivating content via graphic design, they will never be finding themselves on the short side of the stick.

Companies are hiring more MFA (Master Fine Art) students than MBA (Master Business Administration) students because of their creativity. The creative people are the ones who are going to be ruling the world, not the skeptics and analytics thinkers.

4. Communications.

English is one of the hardest languages to learn because of all the different meanings. For example,

“You’re going to take a right turn right up here on the left.”

Even if English is your native language, this is confusing, but you see my point? Your kids will definitely have to learn how to communicate clearly with different people.

Analytical people communicate in a certain way compared to people who are more creative. If your children are able to learn how to speak different people’s languages, they will have more people in their lives. And the more people they have in their lives, the further they will be able to go!

Your Guide,

Joshua Krafchick, “Unconventional Money Guy”

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