Positives from a Pandemic | COVID-19

Many people have been struggling with the physical and emotional effects that the pandemic has had on our country. With the unprecedented amount of virtual calls, working from home, and the lack of entertainment, it’s been a huge adjustment for everyone. But rather than focusing only on the negative news, let’s look at some positive things that have come out of the pandemic:

1. Commuting to Work.

The average commute to work is 26.1 minutes. This is over four hours a week. If you are no longer commuting for work, you could be spending these four hours reading a book or spending time with your family. These are four hours a week that you don’t waste in your car on the way to a job you may not even love. Not only is the pandemic saving you time, but it’s probably impacting your wallet as well.

2. Driving.

Wonder why gas has been so cheap? Oil prices have gone below $0.00! Yes, as crazy as it may sound, oil is worth less than dirt as of now. There’s more oil available than there is a demand for, and in order to get rid of the excess, the prices have dropped to ridiculously low numbers. With your work commute out of the picture, you’re probably already saving at least a gallon of gas per day, meaning you’re surely saving your money.

3. Environment.

Less driving means putting out less emissions into our world. Since the pandemic began, places such as China have seen a 25% reduction in carbon emissions. Despite the challenges staying home has presented to many of us, Mother Earth has been smiling about the positive change she’s seen in the last few months.

4. Your Wallet.

No sporting events. No movie theatres. No bars. These are places that bring us joy and happiness, but being forced to stay away is positively impacting our wallets. The money we’re saving right now could be used to focus on reducing our debts, adding to our savings, or making an investment.

All-in-all, this pandemic has been rough. Many of us have lost jobs, have a lot of uncertainty, and have never experienced anything like this before. However, this is the chance to find a new job that you love. Take a chance and start a business. Or, perhaps staying home has allowed you to think about what you really want out of your life.

Happy Slacking,

Josh Krafchick, A.K.A “Chachi”

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