Negativity at Work | How to Overcome It

Whether it’s your job, a friend, or even a family member, dealing with negativity can cause unnecessary stress, and stress releases a chemical called cortisol, which may lead to lower immune function, lower bone density, increased weight gain, and heart disease.

When we are children, we are forced to do things with other people because we do not make decisions in the household.

Our parents force us to spend time with their friends, our schools choose who we have classes with, and we aren’t able to make these important decisions.

However, as we transition from childhood into adulthood, you always have a choice who you decide to spend your valuable time with. Where you spend, your time is going to influence your life, whether it is positive or negative.

Do not continue to waste your time with negativities that you can control!

If there is something or someone that is causing you unnecessary grief, make sure to communicate clearly your feelings, and provide a finite timeline on when you need to see the changes made.

For example, we all have friends or family members that play the victim. Nothing ever seems to go their way, nothing is ever their fault, and you are becoming their sounding board to attempt to make them feel better.

Unfortunately, you can’t help people who don’t want help and the world-renowned Zig Ziglar has stated so eloquently,

“have you noticed that people with nothing to do always want to do it with you.”

After dealing with negativity for so long, you need to make a difficult decision to end the relationship. It is going to be hard to step away, but you will find over time it is not worth dealing with things that are constantly bringing you down. Sacrificing your happiness for someone to always be miserable, isn’t worth it.

Life is short, the time to start eliminating negativity is now!

By doing so, it will help you achieve whatever is important to you, without having to stress…well at least as much!

Happy Slacking,

Joshua Krafchick, AKA “CHACHI”

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