Kobe Bryant’s Mamba Mentality

Kobe Bryant alone isn’t the only person in the world to have a “Mamba Mentality.” Every single person has this inside them. In short, the Mamba Mentality that Kobe Bryant created is that you need to constantly try to be the best version of yourself. It’s a constant quest to continuously improve yourself each and every day. In Japanese, the word that best matches Kobe Bryant’s mantra is Kaizen. Meaning small continuous improvements.

Whether you’re a basketball fan or not. Whether you’re a fan of Kobe Bryant or not.

What you cannot deny is the man had a work ethic unmatched by his competition. Most of us won’t become superstar athletes, musicians, or famous performers. Yet, we can still take Kobe Bryant’s “Mamba Mentality” mindset and apply it to our lives each and every day. To start, you need to have a process.

Kobe Bryant would start his days early in the morning and after his family went to sleep he was known for his legendary midnight workouts. Now, this most likely won’t apply to you, but what you can learn from this process is that Kobe made sure that he put in more time than everyone else. An action that you can complete is to work on your craft in increments.

Healthy humans are only able to highly focus on tasks for 10 to 20 minutes at a time.

So, it’s a myth that you need to be grinding for 12 hours straight every day. No matter what your goal may be, it’s important to work on it each and every day. Because it’s not always about the quantity of the hours, but the quality of the hours you put into achieving your goal.

 Kobe Bryant wasn’t just a phenomenal athlete, he was an exceptional student. This tells you that you need to not only workout your body and you need to workout your mind. Being we’re in the digital age, it’s easier than ever for you to download an audible book to listen to in the car on your commute to and from work. Even if it’s only 30 minutes a day. This adds up to 2.5 hours a week. Which adds up to 130 hours per year. By investing in your mind, it will allow you to perfect your craft.

The only way to perfect your skills is to ensure that you’re always in balance.

Balance is the foundation for success and without it, you can be knocked down when a little pressure is applied to you. This is what separated Kobe Bryant from his peers and this is what can separate you from your colleagues. Because when the tough times come and they will come, those with a balanced approach won’t fold up like a lawn chair. Yet, they will accept the challenge and laugh in the face of defeat.

With obstacles in life, many people play defense to start protecting what they’ve already obtained. However, in the mind of Kobe Bryant, the best way to attack a situation is to penetrate the other team’s defense. During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, this is how many people reacted. Compared to others who had a game plan in place, rather than reacting they responded and allowed themselves to capitalize on the opportunities that 2020 presented to them.

Challenges are just opportunities in disguise.

And most people are always searching for the next big opportunity, but what they fail to see is those small opportunities are the big opportunities. The same attention to detail that Kobe Bryant had for the game of basketball is the same amount of intensity you need to bring into your life each and every day. Those who fail to focus on the little things aren’t going to be able to paint the masterpiece they’re chasing.

Your Guide,

Joshua Krafchick, aka “Unconventional Money Guy”

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