How to Save $500/Year | Without Giving Up Starbucks Coffee

Starbucks has perfected the coffee business in terms of their consistency, atmosphere, and status. There is nothing like going into Starbucks to jumpstart your day! Yet, without thinking, you don’t realize how much that cup of joe is costing you. So, it got me asking myself a few questions,

How can I drink Starbucks coffee and save money at the same time?

Why is Starbucks coffee so much better than my coffee at home?

Well, it starts with the coffee bean itself. Even if you’re using a fancy Keurig, the pods that you’re using have pre-ground coffee. According to bartendingbarista.com, many benefits of grounding your own coffee beans include:

1)  Air and aromatic compounds.

2)  Fuel for Brewing.

3)  Lipids for your lips.

4)  Reducing Waste.

 So, since there are benefits to grounding your own coffee beans, I decided to do a little experiment to figure out how to drink Starbucks coffee at home, get the same taste, and save money simultaneously.

1.  Purchase a Coffee Grinder.

I decided to purchase the Cuisinart Coffee grinder for $19.99 from Target. By grinding your own coffee beans you’re able to get a fresher flavor from your coffee that will help produce a similar taste from Starbucks.

This places you in control of how you’re grinding the beans, which will give you more consistency than buying pre-ground coffee. Plus, there’s nothing better than having the aroma of fresh coffee throughout the kitchen in the morning!


2.   Health Benefits.

By using your newly acquired coffee grinder, grinding the entire coffee bean will allow you to activate many of the health benefits associated with coffee. Pre-ground coffee does save you that extra 30 seconds every morning, but using the entire bean allows you to maximize the antioxidants that may give you certain health benefits such as:

Reduced Type 2 Diabetes.

Reduced Risk of Heart Disease.

Lower Cancer Risk.


3.  Saves You Money.

A Grande coffee from Starbucks costs you about $2.10/cup. With your initial investment of a coffee grinder for $19.99 and a bag of Starbucks coffee beans for about $12.62 (depending on your blend choice), here are my findings on how you can save over $500/year, drinking Starbucks coffee at home. 

Happy Slacking,


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