How to Escape the Middle Class

Escaping the middle class is a scary process for anyone because once you achieve middle class you’re most likely making close if not above $100,000 per year which a lot of people would say is a good salary to be making each and every year.

The problem with people in the middle class is in order to get out of the middle class You have to literally go backward in order to go forwards.

Meaning you’re going to have to give up certain luxuries that you’ve gotten used to as your salaries increased over time so that you can go from making $100,000 a year to $200,000 a year $300,000 a year etc.

This means that if your job isn’t going to allow you to “escape the middle class” then you’re going to have to start building an income stream outside of your normal day-to-day job.

What can someone do to achieve financial freedom or build wealth?

It all starts with what skills and talents do I have that people would be willing to pay money for? From there you have to go as small as $10 per day how do you make $10 per day? Then you up it to $20 a day.

From there you will begin marketing yourself and building a brand so rather than chasing people to provide value eventually you’ll have customers coming to you to pay with their hard money for your services.

If you’ve been in the middle class for a while you’ve probably bought a house you’ve probably saved up some money and you’re going to have a difficult choice to make.

Are you willing to give up your home and possibly use all the resources you’ve saved in order to break out of the middle class?

This is where most people get stuck they don’t want to give up their house they don’t want to use their “retirement money“ to make their dreams come true because they’re scared of losing it.

If you’ve read or heard of the book The Alchemist by Paulo Cohen it’s a story about a boy who literally gives up everything in order to make his wildest dreams come true.

Being in the middle class you have those resources you’ve saved those resources the question remains are you willing to use those resources in order to break out of the middle class and live a life you’ve always dreamed of?

Your Guide,

Joshua Krafchick, “Unconventional” Money Guy

369 Financial, LLC

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