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Whether you’re graduating high school or a parent with 3 kids, this article is for you! CEO of one of the most innovative healthcare companies in the world, Forcura wrote a beautiful article describing what it takes to become a leader in your industry, having a vision, and remaining present.

Enjoy and Happy Slacking!!!!

I’m not the first to realize that health is social. Individually, we make decisions that are motivated not just by what we want, but why we want it. As a husband and father, it’s everything for me to be available and present for my wife Heather and our young daughters.

As founder of a health technology company, I’m driven by our mission to grow this business and evolve our offerings so we empower clients to deliver better patient care. And as CEO, I want to provide the best possible opportunity for my employees as they deepen their expertise and expand their career trajectories. And if you know me, you know I’ve got to have fun along the way!

So my health is really at the sweet spot of where those four things overlap:

it’s the fulfillment I find in delivering on all those promises, knowing I’ll wake up tomorrow energized to do just a bit more wherever I can. And have time for a run with Heather, my favorite (and much faster) running partner.

On this last day of 2019, I find a similar convergence of purpose, commitment and opportunity has led Forcura to a transformative year on all counts. The year began with a serious, raise-the-bar challenge across the company to hit massive goals targeting growth, innovation and culture.

This was the year to make our technology “documents to data” vision real, to deepen our client relationships, sign new partnerships, put Jacksonville on the innovation map, and hire the best people to expand and complement our roster of Jacksonville’s finest employees. All of this had to be done against a backdrop of the Patient-Driven Groupings Model going live January 1, 2020 for the home health industry, disrupting our largest market.

These were orders-of-magnitude harder targets.

Team Forcura delivered.

Here’s what I believe contributed most to this success.

● Relationships:

Our clients in the post-acute healthcare industry are serving a larger and larger portion of people receiving care today. Yet reimbursement rates and a shrinking talent pool to support this care will force many providers to do more with less – without sacrificing quality. This is where relationships are crucial, and why incorporating features or functionality providers need to optimize their business ensures our platform evolves alongside the industry’s demands.

● Technology:

I was reminded by Dr. Zayna Khayat in her comment on my recent LinkedIn post that the value of health technology shouldn’t be limited to its impact on a health provider, but the ultimate client, the patient. I couldn’t agree more. Our solutions aren’t patient-facing, but we design our platform and mobile tools to be intuitive, efficient and make the information we manage so transparent that clinicians have what information they need where and when they need. This translates to more clinician face time with patients, and less burden on the clinicians and administrators who oversee their care.

● Growth:

No doubt, signing a record number of new clients made this a singular year for Forcura. But we experienced record growth in areas equally important:

○ We signed incredible new partners like Wellsky to complement our ecosystem of health technology businesses.

○ We brought on Joe Held as our CTO and continue to expand our engineering team with talent that will enable our company to provide our clients and partners with vastly more sophisticated analytics and insights moving forward.

○ We hired outstanding people in all departments of our organization and are on pace to double our company size in 2020. It is a point of pride that we are nearly even in our split between men and women, and are adding more women as senior executives. I encourage my technology colleagues to follow suit, because your company will only benefit.

○ We connected some of Jacksonville’s most transformative leaders to a national audience with the launch of our Innovate Jax podcast. I am so proud of my adopted hometown and am committed that Jacksonville be recognized as an innovation hub!

As Forcura enters its eighth year in business and positions itself for a momentous 2020, I look to what 2019 taught me. I am at my best when I operate in that Venn diagram of purpose and commitment and passion. The same holds true for Forcura. Our collective health is deeply and abidingly rooted in making a real difference in the health industry, and all the people who administer and receive care. I could not be prouder of where we stand today, and am profoundly motivated by what is possible tomorrow.

Happy Slacking,

Craig Mandeville

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