Having Fun as an Adult is Key for Not Burning Out

A friend in college used to tell me to

“Work hard but play harder.”

Having fun activities to look forward to once you start working is key to being successful and happy because all work and no play make for a dull life. 

But did you know that picking the right hobbies and extracurricular activities can enhance your career as well as your leisure time? The same also goes for the friends you choose to hang out with when you’re not at work.

Keeping fun a vital part of your life

You can only play so much golf and you can only party so much, but in the same way, you can also only work so much, too. Many people’s end goal is retirement, but when they get finally there after a lifetime of working hard with few breaks, many often don’t know what to do with themselves or their free time. 

A good life has balance, and once you start working you need to take time off to have fun and de-stress so you don’t burn out. Just like in school, you need periodic mental breaks to stay sane and healthy. 

However, once you start working, you’ll find fewer built-in breaks like there were in school. Because of this, it’s up to you to take time off and take vacations; if all you do is work, you’ll burn out and end up stressed and lonely. Life is more than work, so make sure to have fun.

Picking the right hobbies and extracurricular activities

Having outside interests not only keeps you happy and sane, it can also open up new opportunities for you to meet new people, learn new things, and grow. 

Capitalizing on your own fun

After you graduate, and even before, people probably told you to learn how to network.

“Build your own network,”

they might have said to you, hoping you’ll somehow figure out how to get and stay connected with people who can help you out. 

Problem is, these same people never taught you exactly how to network. Or if they did, they merely told you to follow the old school way to network. Instead, how about doing something you actually like? For instance, what might happen if instead of attending networking events you joined a softball league or a kickball league, or something you enjoyed doing? That way, you get to know people outside your circle while still blowing off some steam and having fun. Otherwise, when you go to a networking event, all you’re doing is networking with a bunch of other desperate businesspeople, and it’s not likely you’ll find many people there you click with, and it almost certainly won’t be much fun. 

So do what you like, and you’ll meet people like you whom you can talk to. Because building your network is easy. Just do things you like to do, and you’ll meet people.

Your Guide,

Joshua Krafchick, Unconventional Money Guy

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