Grateful vs Thankful | Talking at the Dinner Table

Every year, it seems that you blink your eyes, and it’s another holiday season. During the holidays, we have a lot of things to be grateful or thankful for. But, what’s the real difference between being grateful vs thankful?

For example:

“I’m very grateful that you helped me” vs “I’m thankful you helped me.”

The first sentence being “grateful” implies that you’re expressing appreciation for the help you received. You’re also expressing that you wouldn’t be happy without help.

The second sentence being “thankful” is expressing gratitude toward yourself! If you’re “thankful” you can achieve happiness and gratitude on your own, without the help of others.

So, when you find yourself at the dinner table, don’t tell people what you’re grateful for, but what you’re thankful for.

By being thankful, this will allow you to focus on your happiness rather than using your energy to give other people happiness.

If you’re not happy, then you have something to be grateful for, but if you want to achieve the ultimate bliss of true happiness, then you need to be


Be thankful and Happy Slacking,

Joshua Krafchick, AKA “CHACHI”

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