Getting out of Your Traffic Ticket | A Cop’s Point of View

You will most likely get pulled over at some point in your life. Yet, we’re never taught the best ways to avoid getting a ticket. We spoke to a retired cop to get some insight on how to get out of your traffic ticket.

Kill Them with Kindness:

Just like you, police officers deal with a lot of garbage in the workplace. If you’re going to be disrespectful, you have no chance to get out of a ticket.

A few ways to break the ice include saying the following:

“Hey! how’s your day going today?”

“Yeah, you’re right, I was probably going too fast.”

“I understand why you pulled me over and I deserve a ticket.”

Turn Off Your Car and Place the Keys on the Dashboard:

Even though you know you’re not a threat, it’s important to take off your shoes and put yourself in their position. By turning off your car, you’re showing them that you aren’t dangerous and will reduce their view of you as a risk.

Ask Permission Before Grabbing Anything:

Just like you appreciate when your roommates ask permission before using something, cops feel the same way. They never know if you may have a weapon and by asking permission, you’re making them feel more in control.

Cops are under appreciated in our society. Overall, there are never any guarantees this will get you of a ticket. However, after speaking to a retired cop of 25+ years, these are some easy ways for you to at least get a reduction in the cost of your ticket.

Happy Slacking,

Joshua Krafchick, CRPC®, EA

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