What’s your “F-BOMB” | Future, Fears, & Fire

Okay, so it’s not what you’re thinking. We’re not referring to the four letter word you may scream out when you hit your thumb with a hammer. We’re referring to three words that each begin with the letter “F”, the three actions you take that also begin with the letter “F”, and how when they all come together, the synergy they create will allow you to explode through the self-proposed limits that hold you back from achieving your goals. So how do you create your own “F-Bomb”?

It’s actually pretty straightforward and you can start today!

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Your Future

Having clear long-term and short-term goals is certainly a best practice when it comes to being successful in, well, anything. The first step is to clearly define your future. You can define your future that’s a couple of weeks away, or a couple of years away, or preferably both… it just matters that you have a clear, measurable vision of what you want your future to be like.

A couple of key steps here:

First, make sure that you write down this vision. Writing your goals connects them to your mind and helps keep them front and center in your thoughts.

Second, keep your self-limiting beliefs out of this part of the exercise, we’ll worry about those later. For now, simply focus on the future that you desire for yourself.

Your Fears

What are the things that scare you into inaction? Fear of failure? Fear of embarrassing yourself? Here’s where things get a little tough; most people don’t like to admit what their fears are and that’s a big problem.

By not admitting your fears you’re hiding from them and that means they continue to lurk in the shadows of your head ready to extinguish your aspirations before they ever can become real actions that you take.

However, when you define your fears, you create tangible opportunities for improvement which helps you take steps towards conquering your fears.

To use a quote from the movie, The Usual Suspects, …the greatest trick the devil ever pulled, was convincing the world he didn’t exist…” don’t let your fears be the devil that holds you back from being the best you can be.

Your Fire

What are the things that charge you up? What drives you? How do you keep these things top of mind every day?

This is the part where many of us drop the ball.

Not only is it difficult to define, once you do define it, but it’s also easy to forget to tend to the fire and our ambitions start to smolder.

The good news is that as your fire grows, it spreads and becomes overwhelming and almost unstoppable.

Once you’ve defined your Future, your Fears and your Fire, it’s time to take action. 

Starting right now, and every day going forward, you have to make time to FOCUS on your goals, FACE your fears and FUEL your fire. You don’t have to go overboard on this, in fact, just making one action on each of these every day will help break right through those limiting beliefs that have been holding you back.

Every day, take time to focus on the steps lead you towards achieving your goals.

Once you’ve defined your fears, create a plan to face them.

If you’re like most, and you’re afraid of failure, that’s a good place to start. Define what could cause you to fail, where things could go awry, then take action to control these factors the best way you can.

Most importantly, fuel your fire every day. For some, this could be as easy as picture of their kids, or other stakeholders in the wins and losses of their life. Whatever it is for you, take a step every day to keep the fire roaring.

As you pour energy into these three steps, you’ll start to see your future become clear; your fears will no longer hold you back and your fire will burn so hot, you’ll explode through anything in your way of success!

Happy Slacking,

Ben Hippeli, MBA, CST

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