Communication is Key | Words Are Your Most Powerful Weapon

I remember one time my throat felt like a ninja roundhouse kicked me in the throat. As humans, communication is key.

I was out to lunch and ordered a hot tea with lemon. The restaurant was understaffed and the waiter forgot my tea not once, not twice, not three times, but completely forgot about my beverage! This is when using words as a weapon will help you disengage any negative situation.

As human beings words are the most powerful weapon that we possess.

Whether you’re ordering a meal at a restaurant or negotiating with a co-worker, the words you choose will dictate the outcome. Especially when a mistake is made, choosing your words wisely will end up resulting in a resolution or turn into a catastrophe.

Rather than say to the waiter,

“Hey, you forgot my tea!”

When someone makes a mistake, calling them out in a crowd, is not the route to take. Nor when you’re out in social setting you don’t want to be the person who’s always making a big fuss.

Most of the time, those that work in the service industry just simply forgot about you. We’re only human. So, instead of badgering your server, take this approach instead.

1)Order as politely as the first time.

 Nobody cares as much as your meal as you do, including the wait staff. Remember, they have all the power when it comes to delivering you the social experience you’re craving. So, whenever they forget to bring something for you, simply be as polite as possible and order as if it’s the first time you’re asking.

“Excuse me (Use their Name), may I have a _______________- please?”

Order completed, taken, and delivered!

2)Acknowledge that they are busy.

I’ve never worked in the service industry, but those of you that have, deal with your fair share of assholes. The kinds of people who don’t say “Please” or “Thank You” and this sort of negativity can affect anyone’s psyche. Use this next time:

“Hey (Use their name), I can tell that you’re slammed today. Next time you come around do you mind bring me a (drink, ranch, silverware, etc.)

3)Put yourself in their shoes.

 One of the greatest skills you can master in your life is to learn how to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. Being a customer, you expect great customer experience, but when working with people our emotions can get the best of us.

When someone isn’t living up to your expectations, kicking them while their down is never the answer. Respond, don’t react, and you’ll end up reaping the rewards.


“Hey (Use Their Name), I can sense that you’re having one of those days. How are you feeling today?”

Asking someone how they’re feeling, will give them a sense of hope to lift their spirits when life throws obstacles in their direction. So, make sure to go out of your and ask someone,

“How are you feeling today?”

Happy Slacking,

Joshua Krafchick, AKA “CHACHI”

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