How to Find Yourself

Hey Slackers, Who are you? Do you find that you’re struggling to answer this question because...

Category: Health, Life

Millennials Need More Hobbies │6 Reasons Why They’re Especially Important Now

What do you tell someone who asks you what your interests or hobbies are?...

Category: Health

Beware the Trap of the Morning Routine

Morning routines. If you follow any kind of personal development, productivity, or entrepreneurship sites,...

Category: Health

How a Chiropractor Can Help You With Issues You Didn’t Know You Had

Say I have $40 dollars in my pocket to spend on something that promotes...

Category: Health

5 Steps to Break Your Phone Addiction

As sad as it may sound, we have a relationship with our phone (perhaps...

Category: Health

New Study Shows Why Your Daily Step Count Really Matters

We’ve known for quite some time that a sedentary lifestyle is bad for our...

Category: Health

6 Ways to Embrace Your Inner Child In Quarantine

There’s no denying that most of us are feeling a bit more stressed, anxious,...

Category: Health

Can You Self-Adjust? | Body Adjustment

As a Chiropractor, many people come into my office to get adjusted. You may...

Category: Health

Drinking Smarter, Not Harder

I’ve done my fair share of drinking. From a couple drinks over happy hour...

Category: Health

To Stay in Line, Check Your Spine

Have you gotten your teeth checked in the past couple years? I think most...

Category: Health
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