Can You Self-Adjust? | Body Adjustment

As a Chiropractor, many people come into my office to get adjusted. You may be wondering whether or not it’s possible to self-adjust your body. The answer is yes! In fact, you are most likely adjusting yourself right now.

How so?

Well, the body is constantly exposed to varied stimuli and stressors. Your body, being a self-healing organism, is always ridding itself of toxins, defending against foreign germs, and filtering through different stressors.

Since your body is doing its own self-adjusting, you may wonder why it’s still important to see a Chiropractor for adjustment. The reason is that the nervous system remembers and records everything from the womb to the tomb.

You may not remember things consciously, but your nervous system does.

What does that look like? Think of trauma victims. Oftentimes they cannot sleep at night. They are likely going to therapy and talking through the trauma they experienced, however not every experience comes up in therapy. This is because in high-stress times, humans produce stress hormones such as epinephrine or adrenaline. These stress hormones are designed to shunt or send blood to our extremities so that we can run away from, say, a bear or a terrorist and make it out alive. However, research has shown that in high amounts, these stress hormones can actually prevent memories from being formed and later consolidated.

Have you ever been in a situation in which you felt uncomfortable?

Perhaps it was in a classroom setting. Did being uncomfortable negatively impact your ability to retain material? Imagine an uncomfortable situation in which you are fighting for your life. Your stress hormones are in overdrive. Yet after the event, trauma victims cannot always depict that specific event. They cannot relay it to a therapist, yet they can’t sleep at night due to the trauma they experienced.

If they cannot consciously remember the event, then why might this traumatic event prevent them from sleeping at night? The reason is simple;

the nervous system remembers it.

It is a primary interference in the body of which the body is unable to rid itself from.

How then do people heal from the physical ailments caused by experiencing trauma? Do activities such as yoga or stretching help? While these things can help your body to feel good, do they rid the body of the primary interference deeply embedded within the nervous system?

They might, but in many cases they won’t.

However, a neurologically-based Chiropractor can communicate with the nervous system when the trauma victim cannot.

With a specialized technique, we can effectively “ask” the nervous system to locate the site of primary nerve interference. From there, using a specific line of drive, we can deliver the adjustment. Once the adjustment is delivered, the trauma patient can then make the necessary adjustments that will ultimately lead to healing.

If you know someone suffering from trauma or past experiences whether it be from school, as a child, as a baby, or recently, have them reach out to me to see if myself or another neurologically-based chiropractor can help.

The truth is we are always self-adjusting. However, it can get to a point where the body is unable to self-adjust and that’s when it’s paramount get yourself checked. Tune in next week, where we will continue the discussion on how chiropractic can help you live your best and most comfortable life!

Happy Slacking,

Yale Gordon, Doctor of Chiropractic

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