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I have a fitness secret for you, but first I’d like to tell you what it’s about:


Don’t run away just yet. Look, trying to understand nutrition can be frustrating, confusing, and downright annoying. There’s an overabundance of “fad diets” to choose from. They all promise rapid fat loss but almost always lead to extreme cravings, binge eating, and the eventual rebound. Sometimes you can even end up in a worse position than where you started. I’ve been there and it sucks.

Firstly, I’m not a fan of any diet that doesn’t allow room for the foods I enjoy.

A flexible approach to nutrition is the key to sustainability. This approach will allow you to achieve great results while maintaining your sanity and social life. Nothing comes between me and my froyo. If a diet protocol is not sustainable in the long-term, it will not yield long-term results. Period.

The truth is, most people know what healthy eating looks like. We assume ‘eating clean’ while temporarily avoiding the ‘bad foods’ we love will put us on the fast-track to fat loss. It almost always ends badly. A better approach; getting most of your energy from clean food sources while still making room to enjoy some of the foods you love every day.

Moderation is key.

Here’s a free app that helps you keep track of your daily eating habits. This app has completely changed the game for me, and for tons of people I’ve recommended it to. Most of us aren’t far off from our goals. By logging your meals each day, you will learn a lot about your eating habits. Once you learn more about your habits, it’s much easier to tweak and refine things until you reach your goals. Small changes can lead to big results.

Happy Slacking,

cody thompson - Professional SurferFounder Thompson Performance

cody thompson

Professional Surfer

Founder Thompson Performance

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